CHH-CHH1 Branch

Main subjects of these branches Chh-Chh1 are as under:

  • Mineral Policy 2003 and to promote different value addition use for various minerals declared (stated) under Mineral policy - 2003.
  • Mines and Mineral (Development & Regulation) Act, 1957
  • Mineral Concession Rules, 1960
  • Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 1988
  • Marble Development & Conservation Rules,
  • Granite Conservation & Development Rules, 1999
  • Gujarat Minor Minerals Rules, 1966
  • Gujarat illegal Mining Rules
  • Strategy to search out new mineral deposits in various unexplored areas. Mineral probable areas are to be covered under expeditious drilling programme by outsourcing as well as departmentally.
  • To make necessary procedures for dereservation of valuable minerals reserves covered under forest areas of the state.
  • On the basis of mineral surveys and availability of exploration report, necessary Mineral Atlas and Data Bank are created in collaboration with Government agencies.
  • Development of Infrastructure and environment in minin areas..
  • Approval of Mining Lease /Prospecting License.
  • Recovery of royalty dead rent
  • Administrative works regarding G.M.D.C (Chh 1- Branch).
  • Revision Appeal in respect of Mining orders.
  • Work related to Gujarat Mineral Research and Development Society.
  • Training to Adivasis for mining activities.
  • Mineral Exhibitions seminars.

Important Scheme for Mines & Minerals:

  • Minerals Atlas and Data Bank.
  • Survey and study of mineral
  • Development and creation of infrastructure facilities in Mining areas.
  • Expeditious drilling work in mining feasibility areas.
  • Geo chemical mapping in Kutchh
  • Geo Park in Kutchh
  • Stone Artisan Park of Ambaji and Dhangdhra.
  • Strengthening of mineral testing laboratory.