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Industries & Mines Department
Government of Gujarat
Block No. 5, 3rd Floor,
New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
Ph. : 079-23250703
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Employee Name Designation Branch Subject Phone No. Email Address
Mr D.J. Pandian, IAS Addl. Chief Secretary A Branch, B Branch, CH Branch, CHH Branch, D Branch, D1 Branch, D2 Branch, G Branch, I Branch, J Branch, KH Branch, KH1 Branch, P Branch, S Tourism, T Branch, Y Branch, Cash Branch, Registry Branch, Comp.Cell, CHH1 Branch Industries 50703,50701
Smt Sonal Mishra, IAS Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism,Devsthanam 50708,51862
Smt. Vatsala Vasudeva,IAS Secretary D2 Branch, KH Branch, KH1 Branch Cottage 23259477-78-79
Anand Bihola (IN Charge) Dy. Secretary D1 Branch Services 50740
B S Mehta Dy. Secretary CHH Branch, G Branch, I Branch, P Branch, CHH1 Branch BIFR,GIDC,Mines,Appeal 23250732
K S Prajapati Joint Secretary D2 Branch, KH Branch, KH1 Branch Cottage,DGPS 23250713
M.J.Patel Dy. Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism & Yatradham 23254511
Vacant Joint Secretary A Branch, B Branch, D Branch, J Branch, Comp.Cell CIO-IT,Budget,Planning,Establishment 23250715
Miss Leena Katdare Officer on Special Duty P Branch, T Branch BIFR 23250885
Vacant Officer on Special Duty CHH Branch, Comp.Cell, CHH1 Branch Mines, 23250719
Vacant Officer on Special Duty S Tourism Civil 23250727
A S Ayachi Under Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism 23250756
Anand Bihola Under Secretary G Branch, I Branch, P Branch Incentive,GIDC,BIFR 23250730
C B Makhodia (Charge) Under Secretary CH Branch, D1 Branch Services,Small 23250727
M R Soni Under Secretary J Branch, T Branch Coordination,textile 23254771
N M Muni Under Secretary A Branch, B Branch Budget,Planning 23250726
P D Mehta Under Secretary KH Branch, KH1 Branch Cottage 23257805
Sachin Patvardhan Under Secretary CHH Branch, D Branch, Cash Branch, CHH1 Branch Mines,Establish,Cash 23250728
Vacant Under Secretary D2 Branch, Registry Branch Store,IT 23254768
A S Baxi Section Officer KH1 Branch Khadi 23254775
Ajit Mavani Section Officer Y Branch Yatradham 23250458
B J Sanghvi Section Officer J Branch Coordination 23250744
C B Makhodia Section Officer D1 Branch IC,CGM 23250740
C B Thakkar Section Officer CHH Branch Mining 23250737
C P Thakker Section Officer P Branch GSFC,GIIC 23250748
D D Halpati Section Officer I Branch Industrial 23250743
D K Rathod Section Officer A Branch Planning 23250734
D R Trivedi Section Officer D2 Branch CCI 23250741
K N Vasava Section Officer CHH1 Branch Mining 23250725
K V Makwana Section Officer CH Branch Small 23250736
M M Dabhi Section Officer KH Branch GRIMCO 23250745
M M Patel Section Officer B Branch Budget 23250735
M S Shah Section Officer G Branch GIDC 23250742
N J Wagela Section Officer S Tourism Tourism 23254769
N N Chavda Section Officer T Branch Textile 23250083
S G Patel Section Officer D Branch Mehkam 23250739
Parvati O. Sharma Joint CIO Comp.Cell IT 23251145