D3 Branch


Matters pertaining Establishment of Commissionerate of Geology and mining, Gandhinagar

Major Subject

  • Personnel matters pertainning to Commissionerate of Geology and Mining, Gandhinagar
  • Budget
  • Audit Para / CAG Report
  • Vigilance Reference
  • Recruitment Rules
  • Departmental Examination Rules
  • Requisitions to G.P.S.C. and its Consultation
  • Requisitions to Subordinate Service Board its consultation
  • Primary Inquiries
  • Departmental Inquiries
  • Seniority
  • Roster Registers
  • Transfers
  • Appointments
  • Promotion
  • Higher Scales
  • Annual Confidential Reports/ Performance Appraisal Reports of Class-I & Class-II officers
  • Review of Class-I & II officers at 50-55 years
  • Superannuation and its related matters of Class-I & II officers
  • Vidhansabha matters, LAQ, LSQ, RSQ etc.
  • Lokayukta References
  • Court cases pertaining to above
  • R.T.I. Applications pertaining to above
  • Prosecution Approval pertaining to above

Policies/ Schemes

  • Monitoring of Personnel and Service matters of Commissionerate of Geology and Mining, Gandhinagar