Address Industries & Mines Department, Government of Gujarat
Block No. 5, 3rd Floor, New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.
Phone 079-23250703, 50701
Employee Name Designation Branch Subject Phone No. Email Address
Mr. M K Das, IAS
Principal Secretary All Branches Industries and Mines 23250701, 23250703
Smt. Mamta Verma, IAS Principal Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism, Devsthanam 23250707, 23251862
Mr. Sandip Kumar, IAS Secretary D2 Branch, KH Branch, KH1 Branch Cottage Industries, DGPS 23257388, 23257389

Deputy Secretary and Under Secretary

Employee Name Designation Branch Subject Phone No. Email Address
B S Mehta Joint Secretary G Branch, I Branch, P Branch BIFR, GIDC, Indext B, Industrial Policy, Large Industries 23250732
Dinesh Parmar Joint
D Branch, IT Cell, Cash, Registry, Appeal Branch, J Branch, B Branch Establishment, Store, IT, Registry, Appeal, Co Ordination, Budget 23255544,
N N Chavda(In Charge) Dy. Secretary B Branch Budget 23250721
Ajay K Patel Dy. Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch, Appeal Branch Tourism & Yatradham, Civil Aviation, Appeal Branch 23254511, 23257803
M M Dabhi (Incharge) Dy. Secretary KH Branch, KH1 Branch, D2 Branch DGPS, iNDEXTc, Cottage 23250727
D G Chaudhary Dy. Secretary Chh Branch, Chh1 Branch, D1 Branch, D3 Branch Mines, Services (IC), Services (CGM) 23250715, 23250716
Anand Bihola Dy. Secretary I1 Branch, CH Branch Industries, MSMEs, Salt, Textile, Small industry 23250713
Miss Leena Katdare Officer on Special Duty P Branch BIFR  - - - - - -
M S Shah Under Secretary G Branch, I Branch GIDC, Indext b, Industry Policy, GSFC, GIIC, MSMEs 23250730
Ankita Sangada
Under Secretary D Branch Registry, IT Cell, Establishment 23250756
N N Chavda Under Secretary B Branch Budget 23250885
C B Makhodia Under Secretary Ch Branch, Cash Branch Textile, Cash 23254768
B K Bhoi Under Secretary J Branch Coordination 23250729
Jigar Patel Under Secretary D1 Branch, D3 Branch IC Establishment, CGM Establishment 23254771
N J Vaghela Under Secretary S Tourism, Y Branch Tourism 23250726
M M Dabhi Under Secretary Khh Branch, Khh1 Branch, D2 Branch Cottage, DGPS 23250727
I S Shaikh Under Secretary Chh Branch, Chh1 Branch, Appeal Branch Mines, Appeal 23258139
K V Makvana Under Secretary I-1 Branch, P Branch BIFR, Incentive, SEZ, SIR 23257805

Section Officers

Employee Name Designation Branch Subject Phone No. Email Address
I S Shaikh  - - - - - - -  Appeal Branch Appeal 23255863
L K Vaghela Section Officer KH1 Branch Khadi 23254775
Tushar Prajapti
(In Charge)
Section Officer Y Branch Yatradham 23250083
Jigar Thakker(In Charge) Section Officer J Branch Coordination 23250744
Nitin Parmar
(In Charge)
Section Officer D1 Branch Establishment (IC), Roster, Co-Ordination(Establishment) 23250740
Prasun Patel
(In Charge)
Section Officer CHH Branch Mining 23250737
Krunal Gadhavi
Section Officer I Branch Incentive 23250743
Gyanesh Raval
(In Charge)
Section Officer I1 Branch Industrial  - - - - -
M M Palondra
Section Officer D2 Branch CCI, Establishment (DGPS) 23250741
Prasun Patel Section Officer CHH1 Branch Mining 23250725
Sagar Pansara Section Officer CH Branch Small, Textiles 23250736
M A Patel Section Officer KH Branch GRIMCO 23250745
Mahendra Chavda
(In Charge)
Section Officer B Branch Budget, Planning 23250735
Shah Ratnesh Section Officer G Branch GIDC 23250742
Tushar Prajapati Section Officer S Tourism Tourism 23254769
R P Rana Section Officer D Branch Mehkam
(Establishment, Store, Registry, Cash, IT)
Gyanesh Raval Section Officer P Branch BIFR, GSFC 23250748
Nitin Parmar Section Officer D3 Branch Establishment Of CGM 23250734
Nicholas Evans Joint CIO Computer Cell Department IT 23251145
Shabbir Malvi IT Executive Computer Cell Department IT 23251145;