I Branch

Mission and Vision

I-Branch prepares and gets published industrial policy for the State. The promotional efforts towards establishing Industries are also being taken care of by this branch. I branch has also to accelerate industrial development of the backward areas of the state.

Globalization and Economic liberalization policies of the Government have led to increased competition in the industries. Government have also to led the industries for Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and Technology Upgradation for enhancement of competitive advantage of the industries I branch prepares and gets. approved the industrial policy for the State .The promotional efforts towards establishment of major Industries is also being taken care by this department. I branch has also to see the need to accelerate development of the backward area of the state and to decide which are backward areas with reference to industrial growth and to make provision for large scale employment opportunities in the industries having state support in any form .

Functions of the I branch

  • To decide and to interpret government incentive policy., & Industrial Policy
  • All kind of administrative work of index-B
  • All kind of administrative work of Gujarat Industrial Development Board (GIDB)
  • All kind of administrative work of Gujarat Growth Development Corporation 
  • All kind of administrative work of Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)