J Branch Coordination Activity

Mission and Vision

The main aim of this branch is to do the co-ordination work of this department. The main function of this branch is to collect the information related to more than one branch of this department and then to furnish it to General Administration Department, Finance Department, Legal Department, Information & Broadcasting department, HON. Chief Minister office, Hon. Ministers office and Legislative Assembly etc.

Work Details

  • Co-ordination of information related to more than one branch of this department.
  • To provide information of department's worksheet and await cases in prescribed format to General Administration Department.
  • To give latest information of pending cases of Government of India's letter, Hon. M.P.s, Hon. MLAs, Hon. Ministers, Hon. Chief Secretary's,& C.M. references.
  • To coordinate the information regarding secretaries meeting.
  • To coordinate the information regarding Cabinet Meeting.
  • Co-ordination of Information related to Gujarat Legislative Assembly's Committees (except Public Account Committee, Panchayati Raj Committee, Estimate Committee).
  • MP/MLA Advisory Committee.
  • Action Plan.
  • To provide folder files of short term and starred questions in integrated form on priority basis during the Assembly session.
  • Co-ordination of Questions from Lok Sabha Assembly and Rajya Sabha Assembly.
  • Classification of files.
  • Co-ordination of branch inspection and table inspection.
  • Fortnight meeting under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary of this department.
  • Regarding MRS-(Media Response System).
  • Allocation of space to the officers at Udyog Bhavan.
  • Cases regarding women's sexual harassment in department and in the offices under the control of this department.
  • To give the necessary instruction of Government to the Heads of Departments and Boards/Corporations and to collect the required information from them.