KH Branch (Cottage Industries)


  • To Expand supplementary employment opportunities in the cottage and rural industries sector by providing a conductive and enabling environment, and empowering people by facilitating access to credit support, marketing support, infrstructure and skill development, technology upgradation, innovation as well as promote the cultural heritage of Gujarat's Khadi, handloom and handicrafts.


  • To promote the growth and development of cottage and rural industries in Gujarat, with special emphasis on the socio-economic development of the people engaged in the sector through the generation of supplementary employment opportunities, improvement in their quality of life, and preservation of traditional crafts as living heritage.

Work Details

  • Matter Pertaining to Gujarat Rural Industries Marketing Corporation Ltd.,
  • Matter Pertaining to Gujarat State Handloom & Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Matter Pertaining to Indext-C
  • INDEXT-C that would be provide marketingsupport to artisans including haat management, e-commerce, event management etc.

  • Felicitating the creative and skillfulartisans of Gujarat through State level awards to acknowledge theircontribution to the flourishing craft traditions

  • To provide modern looms with accessories tohandloom weavers to ensure reasonable earning of their products.

  • To strengthen the ' Garvi Gurjari ' brand to reflect a quality craftsmanship.
  • To Expand the marketing avenues for artisans and craftspersons by promoting craft cluster through tourism.
  • Financial assistance to Indsutrial Co-op. Societies 
  • Uni-Galicha Yojana
  • Village Tenary and flaing center
  • State Design Centre
  • State/Central Government's Handloom Schemes.
  • Juth Vima Yojana
  • Revolving fund scheme
  • Under the Manav Kaliyan yojana,To provideadditional tools/equipment to socially backward class community so as togenerate adequate income and self-employment

  • Urban Hat/Highway Hat.
  • Consultative Committee Performance reg. Awards
  • Audit parasand Assurance pertaining to ranch subject.