KH Branch (Cottage Industries)

Mission and Vision

The main mission of this Branch is to frame the policies of various schemes under Cottage Industries.

Work Details

  • Financial assistance to Indsutrial Co-op. Societies 
  • Gujarat Rural Industries Marketing Corporation Ltd.,
  • Uni-Galicha Yojana
  • Village Tenary and flaing center
  • State Design Centre
  • State/Central Government's Handloom Schemes.
  • Juth Vima Yojana
    Revolving fund scheme
  • Indext-C
  • Manav Kalyan Yojna
  • Urban Hat/Highway Hat.
  • Gujarat State Handloom & Handicraft Development Corporation Ltd.,
  • Consultative Committee Performance reg. Awards
  • Audit parasand Assurance pertaining to ranch subject.