54. Application for revision. (1) Any person aggrieved by any order made by the State Government or other authority in exercise of the powers conferred on it by the Act or these rules may, within three months of the date of communication of the order to him, apply to the Central Government in triplicate in Form N for revision of the order. The application should be accompanied by a Bank Draft for five thousand rupees on a nationalized bank in the name of 'Pay and Accounts Officer, Department of Mines' payable at New Delhi or through a treasury challan for five thousand rupees under the Head of Account - 0853 - Non-ferrous Mining and Metallurgical Industries -102 Mineral Concession Fees, Rent and Royalties :

Provided that any such application may be entertained after the said period of three months if the applicant satisfies the Central Government that he had sufficient cause for not making the application within time.

  1. (1A) 
  2. In every application under sub-rule (1) against the order of a State Government refusing to grant a prospecting licence or a mining lease, any person to whom a prospecting licence or mining lease was granted in respect of the same area or for a part thereof, shall be impleaded as party.
  3. Along with the application under sub-rule (1), the applicant shall submit as many copies thereof as there are parties impleaded under sub-rule (2).
  4. On receipt of the application and copies thereof, the Central Government shall send a copy of the application to each of the parties impleaded under sub-rule (2) specifying a date on or before which he may make his representations, if any, against the revision application.
  5. Omitted.

55. Orders on revision application.

  1. On receipt on an application for revision under rule 54, copies thereof shall be sent to the State Government or other authority and to all the impleaded parties calling upon them to make such comments as they may like to make within three months from the date of issue of the communication, and the State Government or other authority and the impleaded parties, while furnishing comments to the Central Government shall simultaneously endorse a copy of the comments to the other parties.
  2. Comments received from any party under sub-rule (1) shall be sent to the other parties for making such further comments as they may like to make within one month from the date of issue of the communication and the parties making further comments shall send them to all the other parties.
  3. The revision application, the communications containing comments and counter-comments referred to in sub-rule (1) and (2) shall constitute the records of the case.
  4. After considering the records referred to in sub-rule (3), the Central Government may confirm, modify or set aside the order or pass such other order in relation thereto as the Central Government may deem just and proper.
  5. Pending the final disposal of an application for revision, the Central Government may, for sufficient cause, stay the execution of the order against which any revision application has been made.