Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

The SIDBI was established on April 02, 1990 by Government of India, as a wholly owned subsidiary of IDBI. It was delinked from IDBI w.e.f. March 27, 2000. SIDBI is headed by the Chairman & Managing Director. The SIDBI is operating different programmes and schemes through 5 Regional Offices and 33 Branch Offices.

Schemes for Mitigating the Problems of the SSI sector

Sr. No. Problem Schemes operated by SIDBI
1. Delayed Payment of Bills

Direct Discounting of Bills (Components) Scheme

  • Direct Discounting of Bills (Equipment) Scheme
  • Direct Factoring Services
  • Bills Rediscounting Scheme (Equipment)
  • Bills Rediscounting Scheme Against Inand Supply Bills of SSI
  • Invoice Discounting Scheme
2. Obsolescence of Technology

Technology Development and Modernisation Fund (TDMF) Scheme (both direct and indirect assistance)

  • ISO 9000 Scheme (both direct and indirect assistance)
  • Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme for Textile Industry (both direct and indirect assistance)
  • Tannery Modernisation Fund Scheme (both direct and indirect assistance)
3. Working Capital Availability

Single Window Scheme Through Primary Composite Loan Scheme Lending Instts

  • Working Capital Term Loan Direct Assistance
  • Short Term Loan
4. Marketing Inadequacies Scheme for Financing Activities Relating to Marketing of SSI products
5. Lack of Suitable Infrastructure

Scheme of Direct Assistance for Development of Industrial Infrastructure for SSI Sector

  • Scheme of Integrated Infrastructural Development (IID)
6. Insufficient Export Credit

Export Credit

  • Pre-Shipment Credit in Foreign Currency
  • Scheme for Export Bills Financing
  • Rupee Pre-Shipment/Post-Shipment Credit
  • Foreign Letters of Credit
7 Venture Capital Availability Venture Capital Scheme
8. Human Resources Development
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes
  • Small Industries Management Programme
  • Skill-cum-Technology Upgradation Programme

New Initiatives