Vision 2020

  • To facilitate higher flow of funds into infrastructure sector and to ensure coordination among various government agencies, Gujarat pioneered the creation of a legal framework, the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act 1999, a progressive law, and set up a High level Board called Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board -GIDB.
  • Earlier, GIDB prepared a document called Vision-2010 recognizing a need to fill up Infrastructure gaps in the State. Now the GIDB has re-visualized the State's Infra-vision and prepared a document, BIG-2020, which envisages investment potential of huge -357,468 crore in various sectors till the year 2020.
  • This new vision has been detailed across both economic targets and the social dimension to ensure that growth is inclusive and benefits all sections of society.
  • The document details the vision, demand-supply analysis, shelf of projects (vision period and immediate five years) and the key reform and action agenda across chosen infrastructure sectors covering energy, transport, telecom, knowledge, urban infrastructure, industrial infrastructure, recreation and tourism.

For more details about vision-2020: VISION FOR GUJARAT AS VISUAL IN BIG-2020

"Gujarat shall enter into an exciting era of accelerated economic growth and cohesive social development creating benchmarks for the rest of the country."

The growth engines that have been defined include the following.

  • Primary agriculture and fisheries.
  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agro processing, gems and jewellery, textiles and apparels, engineering and auto, ceramics, mining and infrastructure.
  • Information and communication technology, knowledge, tourism, retail and traditional services.

The document, BIG-2020, also presents the expected funding break-up of the five year shelf of projects between the Government and the private sector. Five year shelf of projects envisages 169,918 cr investments in the first five years.

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